JACKSON AMBE NDECHECK  was part of the first Word by Heart school that was launched in Kona in 2013. Originally from Cameroon, Jackson joined YWAM in Port Harcourt Nigeria since 2002. After serving there for 8 years he came to Kona in 2010 to complete his University of the Nations Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies.

His love and passion for the Word of God led him to do the Word by Heart school in 2013. Since then he has been part of the Word by Heart family, running a school once a year at YWAM Kona. The rest of the year Jackson travels to promote this training in other countries by running Word by Heart seminars and doing Gospel presentations. Jackson's presentations are dynamic and energetic with a rich African flavor. Jackson also leads the End Bible Poverty Now efforts in Africa called "African Bible Safari".

Jackson's wife Anneke from the Netherlands completed her Word by Heart training in March 2017 after learning the Gospel of Luke in Dutch. The lives of their three children Hope, REJoyce and Kyndness have been impacted by Word by Heart in such a way that they also retell the stories their daddy and mommy tell them. You can read more about their family on their website. spacerIMG_1630spacer